The LendingTree Foundation and the Financial Fitness Academy Program are designed to help clients develop a deeper understanding of their personal finance needs - empowering them to take control of their financial future. 

At the core of the Foundation program is the "Financial Fitness Academy", a program that offers clients one-on-one coaching and a personalized curriculum to achieve their financial goals. The Foundation is also developing an online curriculum to accommodate different learning styles and participants across the country.

The Financial Fitness Academy Program curriculum features lessons such as Lowering Living Expenses, Cutting Discretionary Spending, Paying Off Debt, Saving for Emergencies and Investing in the Future.  Currently, the one-on-one coaching program is offered to Charlotte, NC and surrounding area residents.  As we build our program nationally, we are seeking partners that would like to participate in our initiatives.  What's more, if your organization has clients who would benefit from our program, we would like to help.  

We are currently accepting applications for our next session beginning October 2012.  Deadline for this class enrollment is September 29, 2012.  Applications received after that date will be considered for our next session.  If you are interested in Participating in the Financial Fitness Academy or would like to volunteer as a coach Apply Now.

In addition to working one-on-one with a personal finance coach, clients will have the opportunity to participate in The Financial Futures Fund established to aid participants adhering to a tight budget who need help covering one-time expenses or a specific savings goal while maintaining financial discipline.