LendingTree established The LendingTree Foundation, created by the company’s donation in October, 2009.  The Lending Tree Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation created to empower individuals and families in their personal financial lives.

The LendingTree Foundation’s mission will be carried out through two separate-but-related programs: the Financial Fitness Academy and the Financial Futures Fund.

The Financial Fitness Academy program which uses our core pillars – Education, Action, and Support – to identify current financial difficulties, explain how these difficulties arose and can be solved and recommend a course of specific steps toward financial health.

The Financial Futures Fund works alongside the Financial Fitness Academy to support its participants in creating a healthy financial life. Participants develop a savings goal and they will receive a dollar-for-dollar match once they have achieved that goal.  Additionally, The LendingTree Foundation offers professional resources to clients who are driven and dedicated but may need extra help getting their finances in order.

If you would like more information about The LendingTree Foundation and its mission, the application process for potential clients, or how to become a volunteer coach, please email Audrey Hood at audrey.hood@tree.com.